The architecture studio BIGORRA Y MIR ARQUITECTOS has developed its professional activity for over 35 years, providing each client with the services to satisfy their needs, with an emphasis on economy, efficiency and sustainability.

It is based in Granada, a city with exceptional architectural heritage situated in southern Spain. It is here where the studio has centered its practice, though it has also developed projects in cities of Algeria, Argentina and Switzerland.

Fundamentally its practice is dedicated to the fields of public spaces, rehabilitation, monumental restoration, construction in areas of snow and residential building. It has also developed projects of urbanism and consulting for real-estate investors.
Since the year 2014 it has introduced BIM methodology in its work process, applying it partially according to the needs of the client.


BIGORRA Y MIR ARQUITECTOS was constituted as a Professional Limited Society in 2005, giving corporate form to the professional collaboration between the architects José Bigorra and Victoria Mir, ongoing since 1982.

Nuestro equipo

José Bigorra Rodríguez,

José Bigorra Rodríguez,


Collegiate architect since 1974, has specialized in the rehabilitation of domestic architecture and of unique service buildings in the Albaicín neighborhood. Between 1975 and 1981 he worked in several cities of Algeria and Tunisia, exercising his profession in Granada since 1982. Since 2013, he has returned to developing projects in cities of Algeria, together with his work in Argentina and Panama. He has trained in BIM technology, being an affiliated member of the BIM Commission for the implementation of this methodology in Spain (GT5-International, subgroup SG5.5, Europe-France bilateral boards).

Victoria Mir de Miguel

Victoria Mir de Miguel


Victoria began her professional activity in 1981 in Granada, fundamentally in the fields of rehabilitation, monumental restoration and construction in areas of snow. Since 1992 she has developed a broad professional activity in the Sierra Nevada Ski Station, both for private developers and for the station’s operating company, Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. She directed the Technical Area of the Alpine Ski World Championships of 1996 and was a member of the redacting team for the Granada 2010 Olympic Candidacy Dossier. On the fields of rehabilitation and monumental restoration she has worked with numerous organisms of the Junta de Andalucía and the Granada City Council. Especially noteworthy are her restoration projects in the monumental ensemble of the Alhambra and Generalife.


Our professional experience, along with the use of new technologies, has allowed us to organize a dynamic personnel and collaborator’s structure, adapting the cost of each job to the demands of the clients. This gives us the chance to provide high-quality service at a competitive prize.

We count amongst our regular collaborators for over 15 years the following companies:

Furthermore, BIGORRA Y MIR ARQUITECTOS maintains close collaboration with studios established outside of Granada, complementing their work.